List of Items

This is a list of the items available on this site. You may simply view the information, or download it to your computer. If you would like to send me feedback of any kind you can use the Comments/Request form or simply email me at
Note: All printable items presented on this website are formatted for 8.5″ x 11″ size paper.

Pathways Reference Guide – 4.3
Pathways Reference Guide – Your Journey – Your Way a PDF File – Revision 4.3 – August 3, 2018 – 52 Pages. This format is for printing 2-sided, 8.5″ x 11″ paper (view and/or download)
>> IF you are going to print a separate cover (on different paper stock from the body of this booklet) email me and I will send you a DIFFERENT file for that use.

Pathways Worksheet Templates
These templates can be used by you to track the work you plan to do or are doing in a PATH. I have updated these worksheets. In the Pathways Reference Guide the ones see on pages 37-47 are different from these new ones. The new ones are simplified. The description in the Guide are the same up to item 9. The rest of the items shown I have removed. There is a SAMPLE and then 10 templates for all 10 Paths. (view and/or download
>> IF you would like the actual Excel files – simply fill out the Comments/Request form below and I will send them to you.

Pathways Worksheet Templates – Fillable PDFs
In this ZIP folder are Pathways Fillable PDF Worksheets for all 10 paths. These 10 Templates are explained on Pages 37-47 and 49 in the GUIDE, except they are newer design – simpler. They are Fillable PDF forms.

Pathways Projects List
You may look at and/or download a PDF file of this information as seen on pages 24 and 25 in the GUIDE 4.3. There is an alphabetical and a numeric list of all the Required and Elective Projects used in PATHWAYS. (view and/or download PDF file)
>> IF you would like the actual Excel file – please fill out the Comments/Request form (listed below).

Ice Breaker
This is a 6 page PDF file that is a description of the Ice Breaker speech information. (In Pathways it is a 24 page document.) This is a good item to put in your NEW MEMBER Packet. (view and/or download)

Base Camp Information
Base Camp Managers Duties – Step-by-Step Information. This is a 44 page PDF document. (view and/or download)

Evaluations Alpha.
Here are all the Evaluation Forms – in a ZIP Folder. These are in alphabetical order by the name of the Project. You can refer to item 02 above for the names of the projects. This folder includes 61 PDF files.

Evaluations Numeric
Here are all the 61 Evaluation Forms – in a ZIP Folder – in numeric order by the Project code number. You can refer to item 02 above for the code number of the projects.

Comments/Request Form
This form can be used to request several of the items that are not here to be downloaded. I will send you the information via your Email.
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