WHY this Site

My name is Charlotte Jayne Drake. I really LOVE Toastmasters. It was my pleasure to serve as a PATHWAYS Guide. Training for me began in late August 2017. My first trips to the clubs were in early September.

I found the task to be a major challenge. It was like giving swimming lessons and telling the students; “Here are the strokes you need to learn.” Then I’d had to add; “However, I’m sorry, the pool will not be open for a few more months.”

PATHWAYS was rolled out on February 5, 2017 here in Founders District (Southern California). Since then it has been a bumpy journey for me … and many other Toastmasters members I know.

On the following pages you will find some documents I’ve either written, put together or collected. This started for a very selfish reason. I wanted to stay in Toastmasters. But, everything was so confusing, I didn’t think I would be able to. To help me to understand everything, I began writing the REFERENCE GUIDE back in late December 2017. It has evolved and morphed in many ways since then.

Now, there are so many people who have requested the updates and other materials. It has become too difficult to send out by email. That is WHY this website. This is a better way to send out information and to be able to update things as they happen.

I wish you a FUN time on YOUR JOURNEY – YOUR WAY – on PATHWAYS.
Until Later – Charlotte